Organizational Structure

Cagece’s organizational structure prioritizes a management with focus on efficiency and transparency in the execution of services, covering the company’s strategic areas.

The Executive Board of Cagece consists of eight members, residents in the country, being a CEO, a Director of Corporate Management, a Director of Finance and Investors Relations, a Director of Market and Capital Business Unit, a Director of the Interior Business Unit, a Director of Operations, an Engineering Director and a Legal Director, elected by the Board of Directors, with a two-year term, with one reelection permitted. Cagece’s directors have individual competencies established by the Company’s Bylaws.

Cagece also has 15 Superintendencies reporting to the respective Boards; and 40 more Managements, 15 Business Units, Advisories, Ombudsman, Audit and Internal Controls, Center of Excellence and Discipline Committee.