Investment Plan

Cagece’s Investment Plan for the period 2022 to 2026 contemplates investments with resources from external sources, financing or transfers from the federal and state governments and own resources, in addition to resources from the contingency tariff, for operational improvements, with emphasis reducing losses, and expanding water and sewage systems. In this way, the Company considers making investments in the order of R$ 4 billion from 2023 to 2027, which will contribute to improving results and achieving the goals and challenges facing the sanitation sector.

Among the planned investments, the following stand out:

  • Expansion and Improvement of Maracanaú Water Supply and Sewage Systems;
  • Execution of the Construction for Expansion of the Water Reservoir and Macrodistribution System of the Metropolitan Region – Taquarão Reservoir and Pipelines;
  • Expansion of the Ibiapaba Pipeline System – Ramal Sul (branch south), at the Serra da Ibiapaba Business Unit;
  • Expansion and Improvement of the Praia do Futuro Pumping Station – EEEPF2;
  • Expansion of the Sanitary Sewage System in Fortaleza – Cocó Basins – Sub-basins CD4, CE4, CE5 and CE6;
  • Expansion of the Sanitary Sewage System in Fortaleza – C7, C8, C9 and STS Cocó;
  • Expansion of the Sanitary Sewage System in Fortaleza – Cocó Basins – Sub-basins CD1, CD2 and CD3 (Goal 2);
  • Expansion of the Sanitary Sewage System of Santana do Cariri, Massapê, Fortaleza, Tianguá, Horizonte, Itaitinga, Tauá, Viçosa do Ceará, Maranguape, Maracanaú, Cariré, Pacoti, Jijoca de Jericoacoara, Caucaia, Eusébio, São Benedito and Aquiraz;
  • Implementation of DMC’s in Fortaleza, Juazeiro, Bela Cruz, Jijoca de Jericoacoara, Tauá, Quixadá, Itapiuna, Aracati, Caucaia, Paraipaba, Pacatuba, Eusébio, Horizonte, Maranguape, Aquiraz, Crateús, Barbalha, Missão Velha, São Benedito. Replacement of at least 22km of water supply networks and 1,795,584 water meters.