Corporate Profile

The Ceará Water and Sewage Company (Cagece), created by Law No. 9,499/71 and subsequently amended by Law No. 15,348 / 13, is a mixed-capital company whose share control is exercised by the Government of the State of Ceará .

Institutionally linked to the Secretariat of Cities, Cagece operates in the provision of water treatment and distribution services and sewage collection and treatment, being present in 152 of the 184 municipalities in Ceará with water supply services and in 74 municipalities with water supply services and sewage.

Cagece can act in any economic activities that have a direct and indirect relationship with the sanitation sector and its operation and management processes, throughout the state of Ceará, and in other states of the Federation and abroad. In addition, it can explore energy generation and commercialization activities, for itself or for third parties, whether or not it derives from the use of by-products from processes related to sanitation services.

Registered with the CVM (Securities Commission) since 2000, category A, and submitted to its normative instructions, the company adopts practices of transparency, equity, accountability and corporate responsibility in accordance with the principles of the Code of Best Corporate Governance Practices of the Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance (IBGC), aiming to ensure the trust of financial agencies and external control.

The adoption of the most modern practices of governance, risk management and internal control establishes an efficient set of mechanisms whose objective is to ensure that the actions carried out in the company are aligned with the fulfillment of its institutional mission and, consequently, with the public interest.