Our History

The Water and Sewage Company of the State of Ceará (Cagece), founded in 1971, is a publicly traded mixed-capital company whose purpose is to provide water supply services and is currently present in 152 municipalities in the state. Approximately 5.55 million people from Ceará benefit from the services offered by Cagece.

In the capital, Fortaleza, water supply coverage reaches 99.30% of the population. In the interior of Ceará, this index reaches 97.89%, representing 2.9 million beneficiaries with treated water in their homes.

The rate of coverage of the sewage system reaches 44.62% across the state, with more than 5,000 kilometers of collection system and 2.69 million people served by Cagece’s sewage network. In the capital, this rate is 66.49%. The sewage collection network in Fortaleza is approximately 2,700 km long.

Through the provision and growth of the services offered, the company strengthens its performance in the pursuit of universal water supply and sewage treatment throughout the state.

Source: Planning and Expansion Management (Gplan) and Billing and Collection Management (Gefar), December/2021.

Great works, innovative projects, commitment to the population. Cagece is a company from Ceará that has been caring for the people of Ceará for 50 years. From field teams to managers, everyone works towards one goal: ensuring health and quality of life for around five million people.